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Booking at Last Minute Hotels in Palembang

last minute hotel palembang

last minute hotel palembangOnce you get into Palembang, you can feel Malayan atmosphere here. The religious local people along with their traditional culture will make you feel like home. Palembang still has the trace of majestic Sriwijaya in their daily chores. People here mostly have good skills at trading as well as sailing.

Palembang is an important city in Sumatra. Its famous Ampera Bridge is just a great place to take picture and sightseeing. Here are some last minutes hotels recommended if you are to visit Palembang.

Graha Bukit Hotel

The hotel looks like homestay from afar. As you get there, it is not different from any other hotel. Graha Bukit Hotel is great for family stay and gathering. However, if you plan to do solo travel or occassional vacation, this place is also recommended. Backpackers will surely love this place too. Located in Talang Semut Bukit Kecil, the hotel is adjacent to Ampera Bridge. Graha Bukit Hotel provides breakfast and they will be ready to assist you regarding to transportation and any other tourism information. People here are nice, hospitality is wonderful. Blend with local culture at Graha Bukit Hotel.

MaxOne Hotel

MaxOne Hotel is everybody’s hotel. Family, bacpackers, businessmen, traders.. you can feel the comfort as long as you stay here. They provide nice and clean rooms. The hotel is near to Palembang’s most famous shopping center. However, it is not really recommended for meeting or gathering. You’d better to look for other hotels for meeting.

Overall, if you simply look for a nice place to stay, then MaxOne is just okay.

Imara Hotel

Imara Hotel offers contemporary style of stay in the heart of Palembang. The interior is uniquely designed so guests would feel like at a museum gallery. Yes, it is such an artistic place to stay. The price is just suitable with the service they offer. Friendly staff, quick response, and delicious meals are things the visitors love the most.