Comfortable Cheap Hotel in Seminyak

cheap hotel in seminyak

Seminyak, like other attractions in Bali, Seminyak is loved by travelers because of its beautiful scenery. No wonder that people want to spend days here just to explore the area. Finding comfortable and cheap hotel in Seminyak is easy. Here are some recommendations based on travellers’ review.


Like its name, the hotel is homy for travelers especially Europeans. Why? The architecture looks like a Southampton home, completed with its furniture and decoration. You will easily find this cheap hotel in Seminyak because it is located in the heart of Petingenget Seminyak. The hotel is adjacent to souvenir shopping center, citywalk, and beach.

Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel and Villas

The hotel is great for group travelers. You can share a double-bed room with your three friends. The price starts from USD 26 per night. It means that each of you only need to pay around USD 6.5. Not only the cheap price, but you will be fascinated by the facility the hotel offer. There is free room internet access as the basic service. Housekeeping is everyday which keeps your room clean and tidy. For Upstair Villas, you only have to pay around USD 30 per night and same as the previous type, this villa-type can be shared with four people. Breakfast is included for Upstair Villa type. You’d better be hurry to reserve, since the cheap hotel is usually fully-booked, especially during peak season.

cheap hotel in seminyak
Ananda Resort

The classic, Balinese theme will greet you as you step on Ananda Resort entrance. The resort offers privacy for everybody who stayed there. The hotel is suitable for couples, business trip, family vacation, and even backpackers. Located in the heart of Seminyak, Ananda resort’s fare is relatively cheap. It has spacious rooms and free internet access. Reviewers love the hotel staffs’ hospitality and professionalism.

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