Get the Best Weekend Last Minute Hotel Rooms Jakarta

last minute hotel rooms jakarta

Enjoy a delightful getaway without breaking the bank. One more thing: Jakarta is full of friendly people. You can find companion to make your days there more enjoyable. But wait, what does it mean with enjoy the getaway without breaking the bank? It means that you can follow below tips to get last minute hotel rooms Jakarta that will not break your bank. Get the cozy room with comfortable facilities in the heart of Jakarta.

last minute hotel rooms jakarta

Ask for Discounts

Many hotel chains give discounts to certain professions, such as military personnel. Even individually operated hotels also give the same discount, for instance for a nonprofit organization member or an educator. Based on this fact, you can ask the hotel whether they have the same program and say your profession. The discount is interesting. It’s about 10 percent discount. If the hotel chain is quite popular, they will give other bonus points on future lodging.

You Are Their Returning Guests

The hotel voucher, gift or discount is usually given to returning guests. If you were there for your last visit, it is recommended to say to the receptionist that you are their returning guest. Even if you are not on a business trip, they will give you good rate.

Weekend Is Jakarta’s Off Peak Time

Jakarta is not traveler’s destination. The capital of Indonesia is just the business city where tourists only transit to continue their trip to other tourist spots. The city is destination of businessmen. Therefore, there’s no low season here. The low season or off peak time is probably during weekend where the people go out of town to enjoy holiday. Based on that fact getting the Last minute hotel rooms in Jakarta is easy in the weekend.

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